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I am now pain free and healthy since 12/2005 due to the wonderful surgical services from Dr. Philip Fleshner at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His was my 8th belly surgery for adhesions and obstructions. There is hope, people. Don't ever give up!!! Reba   -------Original Message-------   From: IAS Admin \(Tracy\)Date: 02/12/08 18:43:26 To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS Sender: queennwv@aol.com (Sherry) Subject: Re: Dr. Redan   I have had my last two surgeries with Dr.  Redan, he is well worth the trip in my opinion.  My story is a long one, I believe I posted before and after my surgery You can look back in July & August posts if you want more info.  I live in West Virginia & had surgery with Drs.  Redan & Reich in 2000 in Scranton, PA.  My last surgery was in August of 2007 with Redan.  Before these wonderful doctors I was having surgeries every six months.  Celebration Health is state of the art & looks like a spa resort.  I will never let anyone but Dr.  Redan perform surgery on me, he has won my trust and I truely believe he saved my life.  Good luck, Sherry  

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