Pelvic Pressure

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I have no ovaries or uterus due to adhesions. I have seven surgeries to remove adhesions. I also have pain on my left side and now I have pain during intercourse. They can not find anything wrong but think it might be adhesions so , I am being referred to yet another gyn next month. I am only 42 and don't want to give up on sex but the pain!!! I hope this helps in some way. Lisa ---- "IAS Admin (Tracy)" <> wrote: > Sender: (Kristie)
> Subject: Pelvic Pressure
> It's been forever since I have posted on here.
> I am doing much better than I have for years. I have had chronic pain
> in my left side for years. I did get trigger point injections and I
> don't know if that is what has helped. Who knows with these things?
> My question is this, although my pain on my side is better..I have such
> pressure in my vaginal area. I sometimes feel like I am trying to give
> birth to a watermelon. "My Vajay Jay is paining....."
> Since I have no uterus or ovaries or anything, why do I have so much
> pressure?
> Anyone else doing the same thing?
> I feel like I am trying to turn inside out.
> Best of luck to all..
> Kristie Turlock Ca

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