Re: ADHESIONS digest 697

From: Ms Lee (
Tue Feb 12 19:27:40 2008

Percocet is extremely constipating and if you do not manage this constipation you will/can obstruct. I have to take #240 pills a month.

I have tried everything to stop the constipation and blocking the toilet where I had to call plumber...

Miralax was my God send miracle. I mix it in Crystal light orange drink, you don't taste it, and stools are soft. I failed on dulcolax, senna, eating fiber etc...

I buy the twin packs at Sam's for $27 dollars. Used to be prescription, now over the counter..NO cramps, NO gas...

I was turned on to this stuff after reading about pain management and problems. Miralax was the solution, and it saved me in more ways than you know.

If your taking narcotics, try this....Walmart has a small $8 bottle for 7 days,..try can be on this stuff long term with no problems.

> i have found that the percocet does not constipate you
>and cause obstruction due to constipation like vicodin. try to find pain
>killers that don't affect the bowel like vicodin.
>From: (Lis:)
>Subject: Living with Adhesions
>I am seated in my recliner looking like I'm ready to give birth any day
>now. The sad part of this equation is, it's a normal occurrence in my
>life. I'm 46 and had a total hysterectomy at 28 because of severe endo
>and even more severe adhesions. And like so many of you, I've spent the
>better part of my life looking for that one magic surgery to cure me.
>I learned to live with the pain a long time ago once I came to realize
>that no matter how many times somebody went in and "cleaned me up", it
>wasn't going to take long before I needed another tidy up. And,unless
>you've got a doctor willing to operate on you over and over again, who's
>been inside your body and knows the condition beforehand, it's VIRTUALLY
>IMPOSSIBLE to convince another one to do so. And, though it saddens me
>to say it,I've come to the conclusion after seven abdominal
>surgeries,"surgery" really isn't the answer, anyway. As a matter of
>fact, it's almost a cruel thing we do to ourselves. We have those few
>months virtually pain free and just when we begin to believe that we've
>finally had the "magical surgery" or found a doctor who really did know
>how to fix us, that familiar tug comes back. As the weeks progress, it
>pulls harder and deeper, and starts to stab again, too. Just when our
>clothes are beginning to fit better our tummies start to balloon up
>again. For us,adhesions may hibernate...but they always find a way to
>wake up.

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