Re: Need a specialist in Pacific NW (and Q's re: bowel

From: Kelly (
Wed Feb 6 18:00:45 2008

I also have partial bowel obstructions and a lot of water retention. I usually go about 4-5 days without the BM and then I have the tremendous pain. I am interested in your fluid retention. They have tested things on me for the swelling and I am now going to a cardiologist nest week. I would

like to know also if there are a lot of people that have the swelling.


> Sender: (J.J.)
-------------------------------------------------- > Subject: Need a specialist in Pacific NW (and Q's re: bowel

> obstructions)...
> Anyone know of a GI surgeon/specialist in the WA/OR/NoCA area that would
> be willing to do adhesiolysis for both severe intestinal AND mild
> gynecological adhesions? I'm coming down from Alaska, so I'm pretty
> flexible about where I'd end up for treatment.  It just seems that I'd
> have to schedule two surgeries with two different specialists for the
> separate areas of my body that are affected by ARD.
> Also, are there any folks out there that have a pretty bad cycle with
> partial bowel obstructions? Mine has progressed to the point that I
> literally look pregnant for the 4-5 days that I go without a BM (and 1-2
> days without passing any gas, too).  I regularly go from a size 10 to a
> size 14 in the span of a week.  Is it normal for your body to retain
> water during this time, too? My thighs, arms, and face all get puffy
> until I finally (and painfully) feel the blockage release and then have
> a BM no more than 24 hours later.  I've tried everything, and found a
> few tricks that used to help, but it's gotten to the point that nothing
> eases the pain in the vicious cycle.
> I'm 25 and am grateful to be on the brink of finally getting health
> insurance for the first time in my adult life so that I can finally have
> yet another adhesiolysis surgery (I've had seven surgeries to date,
> three of which were abdominal, two pelvic, two for cancer).
> Thanks for any input!

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