adhesions? Help!?

From: tncutiekat (
Wed Feb 6 17:58:35 2008

I had a hysterectomy years ago and have been told by my doctor that I probably have adhesions. I have experienced adominal pain off and on but recently I have become concerened. I get bloated after eating just a small amount of food. If I eat too much I get severe pain in the areas where I had surgery, including the sight of incision. I won't have a bowel movement for days (sorry for being so descriptive) and when I do it's usually horrible. The past two days it has been a bright blue/green and has even turned the water in the commode this color. Has anyone experienced this before? I am afraid to go back to the doctors because I am afraid he will think I'm crazy. The last time I went in for pain they told me that I should take ibuprofin and if it gets worse to go back. I have also gained 10 lbs in the past month but have tried to eat chicken and fish etc. Has anyone else experienced this?

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