Re: surgery

From: Joanne (
Fri Jan 11 07:00:52 2008

At Wed, 2 Jan 2008, Ann wrote: >
>I am NOT asking for a referral from anyone but am interested in hearing
>any experiences from anyone who had surgery by Dr. Korrell. This will
>not make my decision for me pro or con but I am very interested in
>outcomes, with the realization that everyone is different. I would
>truly appreciate hearing from anyone that is willing to share. Thank
>you very much,Ann Vinson


If you are looking for information on his ability or skill, you should try the courthouse. If he has had any medical malpractice cases filed against him, you will be able to find those. They are public record (in most states). Keep in mind that there may or may not be other cases which have settled before suit was filed, and those will not be reflected in the court files.

Good luck to you!


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