adhesions and fibromyalgia

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WOW Kelly! You are the first one I 've heard of that also has the swelling in the legs WITH THE REDNESS! My docs have treated me for all kinds of skin infections, cellulitis, you name it!  But i keep trying to tell them, my legs are ALWAYS red!  Bizarre~! I wonder if the adhesions block something that makes the legs swell like that. Hang in there!  

Have a fabulous day!

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> From: [] On Behalf Of > Kelly Murray > Sent: Saturday, December 29, 2007 2:48 AM > Subject: RE: adhesions and fibromyalgia > > I have had adhesion disease for a few years also. About six months ago, my

> ankles started swelling bad. They checked my heart since I do have heart > problems. They checked for alot of things and haven't really came up with a > concrete diagnosis. My Dr. did say that he thought it was from the > adhesions. My feet and legs swell up to the knee and the swelling looks > like I have a sunburn. > I am glad to see I am not the only one to get this. I have not been > diagnosed with Fibro. > > Kelly > > ________________________________________ > Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:04:26 -0600 > ________________________________________ > From: > To: > Subject: adhesions and fibromyalgia > Wendy, > > I saw your comment on having fibromyalgia. I would love to know how you > feel with it and if anyone else suffers with it also. Since the onset of my > adhesions issues 17 years ago, I slowly developed all over muscle and joint > pain, swelling, etc. It took years and years of tests and misdiagnoses from > Lupus to MS to, 3 yrs ago, they've diagnosed me with FIBROMYALGIA. > This is the only one that seems right on. I was put on Lyrica and > Cymbalta. It took huge doses of both to keep the pain under control, only > to increase my abdominal spasms, cause massive weight gain, all around my > middle (45 lbs in less than a year) and extensive swelling in my legs and & gt; hands. It also increased my blood pressure significantly and caused lots of > sweating and "hot flashes". Since about two months ago, I weaned off the > meds. I'd rather deal with the pain, then all the side effects. My BP is > normal again, I've already dropped ove! r 10 lb s. but the pain in even more > intense. The docs have agreed to send me for physcial therapy a few times a > week. I can't even stretch my abdomen without going into a horrific spasm.

> What do you experience with it? Is anyone else out there suffering with > these types of symptoms with the same or other diagnosis? > God Bless all of us... > > Jeanne >

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