Re: Will barrier method work, if there are no female reproductive

From: Barbara (
Mon Dec 31 15:44:07 2007

At Mon, 15 Oct 2001, Deb wrote: >
>i won't bore everyone with my 4 surgeries, but i'm now left with no
>female reproductive organs. each time, they found massive adhesions,
>mainly on the bowel. had to switch drs, since mine told me "i worry too
>much" and that "adhesions wouldn't cause pain". love my new dr. she
>spent 45 minutes with me (which is a rarity these days) and now we're
>trying 200 mg of celebrex each day, which seemed to have been working
>until this last week. she's like me, surgery is the last option. she'd
>mentioned that if it were to happen, the film would have to lie on the
>pelvic floor and probably wouldn't take, since there are no organs to
>wrap it around. and that it would slide around, each time the
>intestines moved (which is always). has anyone else had a tah/bso and
>still has adhesions? what have you been told that your options are?
>this site is truly a blessing!

I had this barrier put down after a hysterectomy that showed massive amounts
of adhesians on my intestines..The results were very good for the first 4-6
weeks and then I noticed that I was having pain in the lower abdomen if I
did anything unusual.. Sex, lifting, etc.. I don't know whether this is
normal or not..I hope this is helpful and would like to know if anyone else
is experiencing this after having a barrier put down...

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