2nd Adhesions Removal surgery in 2 years

From: Karan (kherard@sulphur.org)
Mon Dec 10 07:57:58 2007

Boy am I feeling good now...for the moment :-) I had surgery Nov 12 in Houston to clean up the adhesions again, turned out I also had a hernia. The adhesions had pulled apart an old scar, made a hole and my bowel was going through it...but this could not be felt from the outside...

I always thought you could feel a hernia from the outside... Anyway, I had been hurting very bad and it was getting worse by the day. To work I had to take pain pills, when I went to the store I had to take a pain pill and lean on the cart.. I came back to work after 3 weeks, hope I didnt push it.

Good Luck to all of you...I know exactly how you feel!


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