Pain 2 months After the Lap

From: Trina (
Thu Aug 30 00:32:16 2007

Greetings I am writing for some sort of comfort. I had a diagnostic lap in June. I was experience extreme pelvic pain, bloating, leg pain, and rectal pressure and this all would come mid-cycle like clockwork. It was so bad that I resembled a 3month pregnant woman. I'm a mom and I have 2 preemies, had 2 emergency c-sections (not bikini cuts) and a tubal. I've been through birth control, have had cysts located and burst and now diagnosed with Adhesiolysis. After the lap my doc said both of my ovaries were on my left side and that he freed them up. However, this month I am right back to pain, bloating, fatigue, pressure and I've even added headaches to my list. My doc's nurse was extremely rude advising that I've been around the "mulberry bush" with my complaints and problems and to just take my meds. I'm sooo tired of meds, I've been on Prozac, Naprosyn and now T3 and an occasional shot in the but of tremedol. I can't concentrate at work for about 1 1/2 weeks due to pain and I've maxed out my leave from the last lap. Does anyone have suggestions? Oh and I've previously had fibroids detected during delivery of my babies never to be seen again.

What can I do for my horrible feelings? I've already filed a formal complaint about the nurse. However now I'm looking for a specialist. Help Please.

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