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Sun Aug 26 16:52:35 2007

Hi Jeanne,

Can you tell me who you go to in Chicago? I live in the suburbs. I recently had my 7th surgery - the most recent was strictly for adhesions and because my bladder adhered to my abdomin wall. I have recently been getting "attacks" and I am down again now. I have been taking digestion enzymes and vitamins to help, but over the past month the pain has been increasing. Right now I feel like my lower abdomin is going to rip open. I am trying to stay away from pain meds, I am still working full time -- but the nausea and pain are getting worse and worse. So, if you can recommend the Dr's you have been seeing, that would be great!! Thanks so much! Jenny

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>I had my 27th obstuction in May 2006 which again ended in open surgical
repair. They did use seprafilm. I can't say how well it has or hasn't worked, as I haven't had any obstruction now for 14months, yet i suffer regularly from debilitating abdominal spasms and pain. If you HAVE to have surgery for an obstruction, then it doesn't hurt to put the seprafilm inside. But I wouldn't recommend ever having surgery just for the adhesions. I used to think that was the answer to my pain, when in fact the only thing it did was create more adhesions, led to more obstructions and I have more pain and problems now than ever before. My first obstruction was in 1990. I' ve had 26 more since. I've had a total of 34 surgical procedures over the past 17 years. It rough..I know how all of you feel. I've been on disability now since 2003...finally got approved SSD in 2005. I'm actually hoping to attempt a part time job soon and am praying my health and intestines work with me to perhaps sta >rt moving towards getting my life back. You couldn't pay me to have
surgery to remove adhesions ever again, unless I was obstructed and my life was in danger. >I have fabulous doctors here in Chicago if anyone ever needs a
recommendation. >
>Take care all.

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>> They havent created any adhesion barrier that solves the problem. Ive
>> had Seprafilm TWICE
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>> >Hi Has anyone had open surgery to remove adhesions and seprafilm sheets
>> >(adhesion barrier put in), how did it work out? Rosemary
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>> >Rosemary
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