do adhesions continue to grow and for how long?

From: nm gross (
Fri Aug 10 18:05:10 2007

I have had a strange pain in my body for about ten years now and also I have become somewhat constipated. I had a gall bladder removed about 35 yrs. ago and was wondering if what I am experiencing could be caused bu adhesions? I have a pain that is basically on my right side front and back at about waist high or maybe slightly higher. when I first became aware of the pain I was told by a doctor to get some physical therapy treatments, which I did-the pain was so bad during the phys. therapy that I almost passed out-even today I am careful not to move rapidly for fear of pain, and it is difficult for me to get out of bed. I was always regular but recently I have become somewhat constipated. I have had every kind of scan (mri, cat, etc)and have been checked for all kinds of possibilities-no one seems to know what it is that I am suffering from- one doctor thought it might be herpetic neuralgia, one doctor thought I may have tore a muscle, I went to maybe 7 different doctors and it seems that no one knows what it can be! my wife told me, when I noticed a cramp in my abdomen, that I may have adhesions. that was about 2 or 3 yrs after the surgery. could it all be due to adhesions? how long can they grow?

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