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 Bonnie,  I am sorry that you have this disorder.  I too had to leave my job and get on disability. I also have alot of pain. Have had adhesion surgeries several times. I do know that since I started anti-depressants along with pain medicine that at least most of the time it is tolerable. (Some days are very bad) Have you  been put on anti-depressants?  You might look into that.  Also, the more that I lay down, the more depressed I get.  I try and go outside and get fresh air every day.  I also began going to jazzercise two months ago and that has helped.  If a movement hurts too bad, I just don't do it. I really think I have done better mentally though with the anti-depressants.  I have three children also and a granddaughter that is the love of my life.  Maybe you could get on Methadone for pain.  I am on it and it doesn't take all the pain away but it does help.  Just remember, that you are not alone and hopefully you can find a way to feel better. kelly > >
> >thanks~ I just wanted to reply to your letter. I am in my early 40's and
> have gone from a super outgoing, cosmetic manager, in love with the world
> and my friends and family, and a happy loving mom to 3 children, to a
> severly depressed, constant severe 24 hour pain pathetic shut in from this
> terrible disorder, or whatever it is called. I have had to leave my job
that > I loved, I am in so much pain that I do not leave my home, suffering major
> anxiety, all lost all my friends, most likely have become addicted to
> oxycontin just to get thru my days, a husband that is ready to fall apart
> after 24 years of marriage, and 3 children that are mad at me for being
sick > and not being able to do anything with them anymore, except cry, and
sleep, > that in a nutshell is my current life, if you can call it that....I do not
> know who I am anymore, this is a terrible nightmare !!!!! my parents are
so > sad and are lost as to what to do anymore...It sounds like there are a lot
> of us out there, in the same situation. Had to let you know you are not
> alone in what you and your niece are going thru, there are too many of us,
> it is so sad .....bonnie

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