Adhesions, Swelling, Back/Stomach Pain and Now....

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Wed Aug 1 20:45:52 2007

ender: (Holly C) Subject: Adhesions, Swelling, Back/Stomach Pain and Now....

Multiple Sclerosis--- I was just diagnosed from the brain MRI...and comparing to several from my past. Seems the lesions have grown and multiplied. Anyone else have this?

The swelling in my stomach is horrible. They went to do an MRI of my Stomach and back. I guess adhesions don't show up on MRI's? Or do they? I know when they went in for the last of ..umm.. I think I have had 12 surgeries since the Endometreosis reared me unable to have any more children. It was so bad with the last one, they couldn't tell what had been removed in the previous surgeries, because of the adhesions.... But no one will do surgery on the adhesions, because it just makes more, I was told.

Then I ended up being diagnosed with a Bladder Disease--interstistial cystitis (not a good name for it, but it is getting out there now). Thank God for Liberator Medical Supply (I don't work for them or anything...they just helped me pee ;) ). They were able to get my size 6 caths..that I could use. No one else would, because they are for children. I even got the ones that were antibactirial (sp?) and that helped with the infections...but then I still can't get the colon to work. I have tried everything, but the pain is horrible!

So now I am told that the Multiple Schlerosis is what I must deal with. I also have stuff going on in my spine.

I too have anxiety issues, and don't even go to Church anymore. I just don't feel like it. I will go out if my hubby takes me, but not much. He can drive me to the store, or to fill up the car, or to the Doctors, and I will go. I can't stand to drive. My stomach just hurts too much. The muscles hurt too much... I just want to stay in bed all day.

And friends? What are those? I have lost all my friends. I honest to goodness haven't seen one friend in over three years to come visit me, because I don't go to them anymore. I guess I was the one visiting before? Who knows. My own son, who is wanting to be a Dr, is 20 and doesn't see me either.

Got to go.

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