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From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Wed Aug 1 20:40:51 2007

From: adhesions@adhesions.org [mailto:adhesions@adhesions.org] On Behalf Of ValrieTWilliams@aol.com Sent: Tuesday, July 24, 2007 6:58 AM To: tracy.joslin@adhesions.org Subject: Re: Help!

Hi,   I know exactly what you are going thru.  I am sorry you are in so much pain,; i went thru that for 3 years because i had the wrong doctor do the procedure.  He puncture my bladder and apendix and had to remove it.  I finally had doctors from a university teaching hospital to do my last surgery march 2007.  So far I still recovery, still pain on my abdomen and numb, the vaginal cuff area is still not healed so they did a biopsy and we are doing a ultrasound this thursday.  I too have lost contact with people.  I can never schedule anything with them because i never know how i am going to feel that day.  So i just dont talk about it much anymore, I just stay to myself.   No one understands.  I filed for disability and was turned down for the second time.  I am appealing at this moment.      I now have Diabetes type 2, Osteoporosis, fractured wrist and frozen shoulder and they say i can go to work.  Yeah right.   Hang in there.   Val

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