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Hello, Rosemary, I had surgery in 2000.  I had a c-section and my tubes tied.  My obgyn removed any adhesions that I had at the time and used seprafilm.  I had a hysterectomy 9 months late due to the severe pain that I was in.  My insides were covered in adhesions.  My intestines were attached again to my ovaries, uterus, and abdominal wall.  I don't know how your body would react but the seprafilm did not work for me.  I also developed a horrible infection after my c-section (I didn't after my first 3) .  Good Luck to you, Diena From: (Rose) Subject: adhesions

Hi Has anyone had open surgery to remove adhesions and seprafilm sheets (adhesion barrier put in), how did it work out? Rosemary


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