social security and adhesions

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I'm in MN and I've been unable to work for almost a year now.  Up until about a month ago, all I was able to do is lay in bed then I was switched from Percocet to Methadone and now I'm able to get out of bed every day.  My bowel movements are soft and sometimes squished like there is an obstruction, and it's always like being in labor.  Social Security has denied me two times now and my Lawyer is appealing again.  My Lawyer tells me that it can take another 30 months to get an appointment to see the judge.  I really don't know how long my long term disability will continue paying for my lost wages.   Just wanted to give my two cents worth!

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Don't really know who this one was for, but I'm in Cali and got SSI on the first try. My doctors were great with the paper work, for sure. I think the pain meds are what kicked it over the edge of approval. Reba

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