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>>From my personal experience, I have had 7 surgeries in the past 3-4 years,
>the adhesions always come back and it always seems to be worse.
>The pain never goes away, after each surgery, the pain is worse also.
>My last surgery they tried an adhesion barrier---Seprafilm, needless to say
>it did not work, I was back in pain within 3 weeks.

Having recently finished a 47 day hospitalization which included 3 surgeries (1 for intestinal obstruction/perforation, 2 for infections) which brought my total to 13 since 2003 and I have some GREAT NEWS!!! First, Pain Management Specialists are a "must have Doc" and secondly, thanks to a Phase 4 study in Michigan I asked for Lyrica for pain relief and IT IS WONDERFUL. In fact it is so good that last week I forgot to take a dose but quickly remembered when I doubled over in the late afternoon. Yoga also seems to help stretch the incision line. As just a side note, my third surgery was just 11 days after the first and the adhesions were already back.


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