IAS Admin: Be kind to each other reminder

From: IAS Admin (tracy.joslin@adhesions.org)
Sun Jun 17 21:01:34 2007

Dear Readers, >From time to time we send out a reminder email to let all of you know a few
guidelines about using the IAS Message Board. While all of our guidelines are important, we especially want to make sure everyone feels comfortable visiting and posting to our message board. This is a place to share your stories, learn from others and know that you are not alone in the fight.

Please do not attack individuals by telling them their course of treatment is wrong if something didn't work, telling them they should not have surgery because you feel it isn't the thing to do or because they didn't see a top specialist or that having surgery more than once a year is not a good health decision.

The majority of our readers and individuals posting to our board are not doctors. Our readers should also keep in mind that the postings of individuals are not to be taken as "medical advice" and that postings are the personal opinion of the person writing the message. This Message Board is for support. Let's all do our best to not attack individuals for their beliefs, their choices in treatment, or make them feel your opinion is the only one.

Messages that start going this direction (of which we have a few recently) will not be posted to the board; nor will they be forwarded to the person they are intended directly for. Please email directly the person you wish to converse with.

To have any surgery is serious business; whether once in our life time or many times in our child or adult years. It is an all too common part of the lives of those looking for assistance and guidance that visit the IAS Message Board.

I speak from experience on multiple surgeries, which we will not go into detail here. Surgery is a (very) personal choice and each person has to weigh the pros and cons of this and any other course of medical treatment. This means talking to doctors, family members, friends, research, understanding all of these things and at times, getting support from the IAS message board. With too many factors involved, it is impossible for those of us reading and answering messages to know every little detail of the person seeking support that got them to the course of action they took. What worked for me may not work for the next person - even if we are "alike" in what we are going through. We cannot all seek treatment in other states or countries; we cannot all get government assistance, we cannot all count on an employer who will understand the pain we endure every minute. But we can count on support and comfort in knowing we are not alone in the fight when we visit the IAS message board.

Let's be kind to each other. Thank you.

Tracy IAS Admin

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