Frustrated beyond belief

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Thu Jun 7 20:10:24 2007

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I completely understand.  I have been feeling the same.  I found this site last night at what felt like my lowest point.  I am a very strong person and happy go lucky.  But these last two years have been very difficult not only on me, but my family.  It is difficult to base your life on being close to a bathroom if you eat or drink anything.  My family camps and takes vacations.  The vacations I still do, however my husband and son are going on a camping trip and roughing it, this is something I am not able to do anymore to do the pain, discomfort and not having a restroom.  I also have difficult sleeping, pain that radiates down my left leg and causes numbness after just the simple 3-5 minute walk.  Back pain that I am currently trying a chiropractor for, with no success.  It is does give peace of mind knowing I am not alone.  No one has ever seems to understand even though they try.  The pain is miserable and so many doctors just blow you off.    My heart goes out to everyone in this lousy situation.  We must all hang tough!

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