social security and adhesions

From: Maria Cereoli (
Mon Jun 4 23:50:37 2007

hi i have some questions i have had severe adhesions now for the last 8 years in the last 5 years i have had 12 surgeries my health continues to get worse and they keep doing more surgeries on me. i am now having a issue with doctors wanting to see me because of it they have told me that i will continue to have surgery after surgery. i am continually missing work i am a single mother with 3 children i cannot afford to be off work so i have now filed for social security. has anyone in here been able to file and get social security for this. i now have a reccurring hernia that goes frommy belly button to groin because of all the surgeries they have done. they are afraid to cut on me because they dont think i will close but i need to have another one. the adhesions are back again and they are real bad. i cannot stand the pain anymore. i have had a doctor treat me like an addict so i wont ask for pain meds anymore. i am at my wits end. there are that i just drink magnesium sitrate to be able to go to the bathroom. i go to the er they give me morphine then send me home no one seems to want to help me. past doctors refuse to do anything. they now want to do a gastric bypass to get some of the weight off sd it will help with the hernia. but nothing about the adhesions just sd when it gets to the point again where i cannot stand the pain then they will go in to knock them off what they are stuck too can someone help me with what i need to do or where i need to go that a doctor will acually try to help me. thanks


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