Re: Has anyone heard Of Dr's Miklos and Moore in GA?

From: Shali (
Mon May 21 19:14:05 2007

I'll try posting this again since it must have got missed; it is CRITICAL that all information be passed on in the effort to help us all; there are way too many people barriers preventing us from the right to feel good. check your email, Cookie

Hi Cookie -

As far as Miklos and Moore, yes, I had a very bad experience with them. They were doing a clinical study and I had many questions being I was traveling from Arizona to Georgia. I was VERY sick and I needed questions answered. How can any of us just pick up and leave without even knowing what we're stepping into? These people think its nothing for us to travel, let alone walk out the door. Because my questions were entailed, due to the education I have received in the 13 years Ive been sick and gone through the surgeries I did, they cancelled me at the last minute. I was packed, had a bank account opened in Atlanta and it was cruel and rude. They arent nice people.

They didnt even know how to spell the word "compassionate" on their site until I brought it to their attention. They are NOT compassionate at all.

I dont know if you live in Georgia or elsewhere, what your financial situation is, but Dr Andrew Cook in Los Gatos, CA is the best for adhesiolysis. Everything is set up before you leave and the first phone consultation is free. If you need any info about where to stay, nice and inexpensive, let me know. There is also a woman who lets people stay at her house when they come.


At Wed, 16 May 2007, cookie wrote: > >I'd be greatful if anyone had any other info on them besides thier own >website. > >They say they've done many adhesionlysis cases but is the first time I >herad of them. > >Thank you so much in advance

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