Regarding Constipation

From: Debbie (
Mon May 14 18:32:44 2007

someone states:

"how on earth do I avoid constipation when I'm not supposed to take laxatives or softeners?>>

There are probably many on this list and others like it who suffer with chronic constipation as a result of adhesions and/or the need for narcotic pain medication for pain control.

Constipation has been a life long struggle for me which has been exacerbated over the years by adhesions, rectal nerve damage during a bowel resection surgery and other issues.

In the past several years I've undergone literally dozens of tests trying to determine the cause of the problem. I've been diagnosed with a prolapsed transverse colon, delayed gastric emptying (stomach contents remain there much longer than normal) as well as colonic inertia.

During all this time I've tried every constipation remedy known to man from OTC preparations to RX formulas like Miralax. Nothing worked for me. Finally, however, about 6 months ago my gyn surgeon recommended I try Natural Calm Magnesium powder. I mix 3 teaspoons of the powder with hot water and drink it like a tea. There are several flavors; my favorite being lemon raspberry. I add a bit of honey to cut the tartness of the powder. I drink it everyday.

My success with this product has been nothing short of miraculous. I've gone from difficult bowel movements maybe twice a week, sometimes less, to soft stools I pass daily. I can not believe how well this is working for me and it's a welcome change that the product I'm using is a natural substance. The drink is marketed for calming the nerves and allowing for a restful night's sleep but also works to soften stools.

I know many others who have tried this product with equal success. For any of you struggling with constipation perhaps this is an alternative for you. I've found Natural Calm online as well as at our local health food store.

If anyone has questions, feel free to ask. Hopefully this info is helpful to someone.

Best, Debbie

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