My surgery with Seprafilm did not work

From: Denise (
Thu Apr 26 16:21:34 2007

I posted on here about my last surgery I had last month, I know for sure the surgery did not work with the Seprafilm. I am in pain, just like before I had surgery. I knew there was a chance the seprafilm would not work. Anyway, I have been depressed. I feel like now I have to accept that I WILL have this pain forever. Even though I am on pain meds, they never fully get rid of the pain, they just take the edge off. I am so bummed out. This made 8 surgeries in 3 years now. I guess I want to know how you guys live your life knowing that you will always have this pain with adhesions, and be happy. Before I always had hope, that kept me going, now I feel there is no hope to get rid of these adhesions, so what I want to know is how do you live day to day without being so depressed and sad. My pain is so bad most of the time, and I know it effects my husband and 8 yr old son. (mom never feels good). I pretty much never feel like doing anything, unless I have to, and that sucks! Anyway, I had to vent, because I know all of you understand where I am coming from. I will take any advice and tips any of you have to give me. Thankyou-Denise

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