Re: quest for doctor in Oklahoma

From: Jake something (
Thu Apr 26 16:20:04 2007

I am only 3 hours from Dallas and if there is a doctor down there that knows and understand adhesions it would be so worth a few drives down there to finaly just have someone that understands and knows what my future looks like. lol i just had #7 and are hoping that was the last one i had to explain to the doctor that i know it won't be i would like it to be but 3 in the last 6 years im running a good chance of one at least in the next 5 and im ok with it but i just want a doctor that knows. one that understands the healing process is longer and sometimes pain lingers. i do have a great doc here don't get me wrong he was comptely wonderful wonderful closure and he did alot of research but hes getting ready to retire and i would like someone that knows now my email is you can send it directly if you would like. --- "IAS Admin (Tracy)" <> wrote:

> Sender: (J Boldrey)
> Subject: Re: quest for doctor in Oklahoma
> I don't know of a doctor in Oklahoma but if you are
> interested in coming
> to the Dallas Texas area I can recommend a great
> doctor.
> At Sun, 1 Apr 2007, IAS Admin wrote:
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> >Rebecca Mitchell
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> >Subject: Re: Request for doctor in Oklahoma
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> >Great I will keep you in my prayers
> >
> > 
> >Rebecca Mitchell,

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