Surgery scheduled with Dr. Redan on May 24th

From: Deb (
Wed Apr 25 19:26:07 2007

Haven't been on the board in a long time. Been dealing with a lot of stress and depression due to the pain and stressful work issues. It sux to finally have a chance to shine at work with increasing responsibilities but this "issue" holds me back so much. I am in such a horrible mood all the time now and sometime I try to hard to hide the pain at work I exhaust myself. Many times I sneak away somewhere to cry or out to my car for a good scream.

I finally threw up the white flag after seeing a bunch of bozos (sorry...but they truly WERE bozos) and set aside some money to see Dr. Redan. I will fly down on 5/21 and have surgery on 5/24.

PLEASE everyone pray for me on this day. I almost feel like this may be the last chance I have at relief. Maybe it was truly a case of saving the best for last. The way I have been acting lately, I'm sure God "aint" real happy with me, but please pray that he will allow Dr. Redan to help me try to get my life back together. I was determined not to have any more surgery, take pain pills or see any more doctors about this, but I want to try and I can't give up yet. Right now all I take are an occasional low dose Xanax when I think I am about to lose it from the pain and stress. It is actually one of the few things I can tolerate and it does help some.

Amazing how much we take for granted until we can't enjoy ANYTHING. My mom has suffered for years with back pain/arachnoiditis and I never really truly understood what it was like to suffer until now.

Anyway.....I need all the prayers and thoughts I can get on 5/24!

P.S. One weird new thing is happening and I was curious if anyone else had expeienced this. When the lower left pain gets BAD..I mean really BAD I get severe dry mouth and throat. It is like I can't get enough liquid in me. I also get a lot of mucous in my throat when it gets really bad like that. then a few days will pass as it eases some and then "bam" back again. It's not my blood sugar (had that checked). I was wondering if maybe my body was just shotting every ounce of liquid into my bowels. Does anyone else have this? I was worried I was getting obstructed and my body was trying to release something, but the doctors around here just ignore me and I don't think they are even listening anymore.

Thanks and God Bless to Everyone!

Deb in Alabama

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