Re: gall bladder(spincter of oddi)

From: Denise Parker (
Fri Apr 20 09:31:17 2007

At Sat, 4 Jan 2003, Susan wrote: >
>Hi Sue!
>I have had pain in the upper stomach (just under the sternum area)
>throught to the back and up the right shoulder blade since my
>cholecystectomy in 1998. Doctors have yet to diagnose my problem. I
>have had an ERCP done but no residual stones. My family doc thinks
>maybe it is sphincter of Oddi dysfunction. My understanding is that a
>regular ERCP will not diagnose this problem. It will have to be an ERCP
>with manometry to measure the sphincter pressure. So far, I have not
>had this particular test done because of the risk of pancreatitis and
>most docs are not willing to perform this test at the drop of a hat. So
>for now I am on Protonix and Zantac (with no results!). I go back to my
>GI doc on the 28th and he says that at that time he may schedule me for
>the ERCP with manometry. Hope this info helps. Sorry you are having to
>deal with pain.

There is a doctor in St louis. The best in the country. Dr aliperti, that
does the test and he is wounderful. i had gallbladder surgery with no change
and it took 3 years to find Dr aliperti in St louis , but when i did it took
3 day to get in and another 3 weeks to schedule. He is Great. His web site
is midwest therapeutic Endoscopy Consultants llc. look him up and you will
never regret it.
lot of luck

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