Re: Detection of Adhesions

From: Joy (
Wed Apr 11 20:18:54 2007

Sometimes they can be detected by CT scans or the like, but usually not. I have had CT scans, small bowel follow-throughs, and a number of other procedures but nothing has ever detected the adhesions. No one had a clue about adhesions until I had surgery to have an ovarian cyst removed, and I had so many adhesions the surgeon couldn't even see my ovaries. From my experience, laprascopic surgery is the only real way to detect them. Good luck finding a doctor, I would help but I live in the US in the deep south! I would suggest finding a good GYN or GI surgeon, depending on what you seem to have the most problems with.

At Wed, 28 Mar 2007, Bonnie wrote: >
>Have suffered severe pain, distention of abdomen, have been on narcotics
>for 4 years now, have had every test possible, doctors and specialists
>cannot find anything. No one has any answers, I guess looking 9 months
>pregnant is normal....Is there any type of test or scan to detect
>Also I live in Calgary, Alberta Canada and need a doctor or surgeons
>name that deals with adhesions???? I have had no luck so far, and have
>been told to try yoga or it is all in my head.......
>Thank you

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