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From: Jenny (
Thu Apr 5 08:28:28 2007

Hi everyone,

I have undergone a total of 7 surgeries. My problems started in '03 when my husband and I had been trying to get pregnant. After starting on clomid to stimulate my ovaries, I developed HUGE hemorrhagic cysts. I had to have surgery to remove them - during that surgery my Dr's found Endomitriosis. So, after 4 surgeries for Endo and Cysts, my Dr's and I decided to do a Hysterectomy. My 5th surgery! My 6th was because a few months after the hysto, I was in terrible pain again. My Dr did a CT Scan and found an Ovarian remnant and massive amount of adhesions. Now in Jan. of this year I had another surgery for Intestines and bladder were attached to each other and the abdomin wall. So, now I am back in pain - I can barely sleep, eat or move.. Can adhesions grow back so quickly? I feel like I am losing my mind and life....

Thanks for "listening" to all.

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