PLEASE HELP! Need (fast!!) a very good ob/gyn surgeon in washington

From: SLC (
Sun Apr 1 10:55:03 2007

I'm a 29yo with chronic pelvic pain/hemmhoragic cysts on disability (open medical coupon) w multiple surgical/adhesion history, I'm have SEVERE ACUTE PAIN and need a good ob/gyn NOW who knows adhesions cause pain and will help me find ways to reduce my pain and help me find out what the heck is going on with me-fast I live in Bremerton, wa. but will travel anywhere in puget sound for the right doctor, the closer the better, though.

I've been having pain for about 3 wks, thought it was a cyst, had sex and got SEVERE pain, went to ER thinking I had a ruptured/twisted cyst but they did ultrasound/blood/pelvic and found zip. I thought maybe I strained an adhesion or something and layed in bed for 2 days, got way WORSE, went back to ER, they ran a CT, repeat U.S. & blood, again found zip. I'm in severe pain, I can't eat(very nauseus), walk, no BM, they said they didn't find an obstruction, I don't know what to do. I've never had this much pain w/o something being seriously messed up. I need a good doc asap. I have an 8yo and am a foster to another child and I can't just stop functioning, but right now I can't even walk around.


I've had 10 surgeries, 8 laparoscopies/2 laparotomies, last one a laparotomy 1yr ago. I've had corpus leuteum hemmhoragic ovarian cysts that rupture/cause pain for 12 yrs, a reaction to a surgical product causing adhesions/foriegn body reaction until removed in a laparotomy 7months later, 11cm mucinous cystadenoma tumor removed last year from my r ovary (only one left, want badly to keep it, I'm engaged and we want more kids someday) and my omentum was stuck in my lower pelvis for 2 1/2 yrs and released w a lysis of adhesions when I had the lap to remove the tumor last year. I haven't tested pos for endo, but have had tissue that looks like endo seen during surgeries which biopsies back negative. I have chronic pelvic and I'm on a pain contract (I don't need a doc for that, I have one). I've had my appendix, left tube and ovary removed.

I desperately need a doc FAST who wil take me seriously and help me find out what is wrong now, and help me work on my chronic pain. There's a LOT of ob/gyn's out there who think adhesions don't cause pain or blow off women with gyn issues as headcases or whiners (of which I'm neither) and I don't have time to roll the dice. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN, PLEASE...


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