Scar Tissue from c-sections

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I have had 4 c-sections.  My uterus was attached to my intsetines.  I had a barrier in place after my 4th c-section.  It did not prevent any adhesions from forming.  They grew back with a vengence and I had a partial hysterectomy when my 4th child was 10 months old.  I also had a very bad case of endo and adenomyosis.  Diena From: (OverRunWithSons) Subject: Re: Scar Tissue from c-sections

I have had 5 C-sections with a 6th coming in a few months, the last 3 C-sections, I have asked how it looks in there-- so the Doctor could warn me if I should stop having kids, etc. So far, everything looks good for me, from what I understand, every woman is different, some get adhesions very very easy, and some do not. I have a friend who got Bad adhesions after (1) surgery and was told the most C-sections she could have would be 2 because it was so bad, and I am going on my 6th--with no problems. OBGYN tells me usually the C-section is one of the least causes of Adhesions -because our Uterus is stretched so much that not much adheres afterwards. Also if they see adhesions, MOST Docs will use an Adhesion Barrier when in surgery. This is very common, if all looks good though, they do not (at least that is what my OBGYN said). I also have another friend who has had 10 C-sections, now she has some kind of Adhesions/scar tissue in her cervix adhereing to her adominal wall, but look how many surgerys she has had. No pain though. It is hard to say who will get them, and who will not. It is not an exact science at all.

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