From: Karynn (
Thu Nov 2 09:49:49 2006

Kelly!!!! I know I don't know you but I understand the agony of adhesions and I'm begging you as one person to another PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't give up!!!!! please talk to your husband, to someone on here, a crisis center but just don't give up on yourself! my heart breaks for you and I beg you...even as a complete stranger to please talk to someone! sincerely, Karynn

> Sender: (kim)
> Subject: Re: Adhesions-I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!
> At Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Kelly wrote:
> >
> >My name is Kelly I have had severe pelvic adhesions for 10 years and I
> >just can't do this anymore. I have done EVERYTHING some of these crazy
> >doctors have asked. I have been thin, I have been fat even more
> >depressing. I have not worked in 1 year my pain is unbearable and
> >doctors just think I am addicted to pain meds or I just need to learn to
> >"suck up the pain and go on" yes this was a quote from a DOCTOR! I have
> >had gastroenterologist do their work up-no findings as in no IBS,
> >colitis etc. I have done all the diets changing what I eat when I eat
> >the whole nine yards. I have had countless surgeries with about 3
> >months relief then back to the same. With these surgeries I have come
> >home with a catheter several time due to the doctor cutting through my
> >bladder-dont get me wrong I don't blame my doctor for that-NOTHING IS IN
> >
> >hi kelly i know exactly how you feel i had a hysterectomy aged 28 due
to > cervical cancer and ever since have suffered with severe pelvic pain . i
> dont think people understand the debilitating effect this condition has on
> your life like yorself my husband and close family have been amazing but i
> am sad that i have to live with this pain at age33 when i look at my
sisters > of similar age who dont suffer like i do. i am under going tests at the
> moment but its a comfort to know i am not on my own. this message board
has > really helped. thanks
> I do not know what made me write this today..I guess I was online
> >researching another doctor that my doctor wants me to see and I found
> >this site, read Dr. Wiseman's info and this is may be the only doctor
> >WHO GETS IT! But I think it is too late for me I just can't do this
> >anymore.
> >
> >My prayers and thoughts are with everyone who is also struggling with
> >the Adhesion Monster as I call it I hope you find success where I have
> >failed.
> >
> >--
> >Kelly
> >

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