Re: Ileum,cecum

From: Dawn (
Thu Nov 2 09:48:47 2006

At Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Susan wrote: >

Susan, that is so strange that you wrote this about this area. I have severe adhesions for the past 17 years and last year started having GI problems so went to a Gastro doc and he did a colonoscopy and said the ileum/cecum area has colitis looking inflammation and he mentioned Crohn's, but wasn't really sure. I went to another GI doc today for a second opinion (been in a lot of pain lately) and he is doing another colonoscopy in two days to see for himself what is going on. I did have to have a sm. bowel resection 2 years ago for obstruction due to adhesions. The pain I am currently having is right-sided, right about where your appendix is, but I had that out 5 years ago, so I know that isn't it. I will post again after I find out what is going on....

Good luck!!


Has anyone had trouble between small and large intestine from adhesions? >Not cancer,just inflammation or tumors that had to be removed?Or any >other problem in this area from adhesions that had to have >surgery? > >Anybody ever had any appendix left behind because of lots of >adhesions and not being able to remove it all? > >-- >Susan

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