Re: Ileum,cecum

Thu Nov 2 09:46:41 2006

Good luck with your social security Ms. Lee!! I am also awaiting a hearing, I am not sure how they did it, or how legal it even is? But they denied me (2nd /review denial) with what looks like someone elses medical condition. (Back Surgery, spinal problems arthritis and depression)

I have never had back surgery, the back problems I have are related to the adhesions and although I have been warned that I may have arthritis later in life - I have never been diagnosed with it. AND THEIR CE stated that I may be depressed over my condition/situation but do not suffer from depression. So I ???? WHAT THE???

My attorney said it is very common for to make these types of mistakes and rather than fighting for them to correct this - requested a hearing and that they ignore any of their own incorrect information that they included in the 2nd denial.

I'm uhm??? Confused! To say the least.

I am glad to hear that you're still hanging around, and that you got your V.A.!! Feel free to email me sometime. ~Jan

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