Help for adhesions !

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Hello,      Thank you for all of your great information.  Any info from a fellow adhesion sufferer is greatly appreciated.  I do disagree with most of may pain being from gas.  I do experience intestinal pain which I know is caused by gas but there is the stabbing, burning , and pulling pain caused by the adhesions that are attaching my intestines to my other organs.  I wish that I didn't need to take pain meds and or have more surgery.  Unfortunately, my adhesions cause such severe bowel obstructions that my doctors have had to remove parts of my lower bowel on 4 seperate occassions.  Excercise causes pulling of my adhesions so I try to do stretches and to walk.  Good luck to you.  I'm glad that you have found some relief.  Diena

Subject: Help for adhesions !

Dear Fellow Adhesion Sufferers:

Quickly: I had a ruptured appendix and peritonitis. Soon after I developed a serious adhesion problem. Later I developed endometriosis and more surgery: hysterectomy/lysis of adhesions.

Now that I'm getting older I've been hospitalized many times for small bowel obstructions.

However, I have NOT been hospitalized in nearly two years--ever since I discovered two NEW over the counter pills!!!

1) Digestive Advantage Lactose Intolerance 2) Digestive Advantage Gas Prevention.

Only one pill a day of each and these two little pills have changed my life!! They can be found in most chain drug stores.

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