lapraoscopy or lapraotomy which one is better?

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Mon Oct 16 14:23:55 2006

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Melissa,   Since you mentioned endometriosis in your post I felt compelled to respond.   Have you considered that possibly endometriosis may be the cause of some, if not all, of your recurrent adhesions?  Endometriosis is known to cause adhesion formation.  In addition, some patients are more prone to adhesions than others and it sounds like you may be one of those unlucky women who are more susceptible.   Having all endometriosis removed may provide you with the best chance at remaining adhesion and pain free.  Sometimes our local docs aren't adequately skilled at surgically removing endometriosis so we find ourselves in a cycle of repeated surgeries.  It wasn't until I found an endo specialist, a doctor that exclusively treats women with endometriosis and pelvic pain, that I finally got relief from the pain I've suffered over 25+ years living with endo.  These specialists don't deliver babies, they treat only endometriosis.  I've been endo pain free for nearly 6 years now.   I wish you the best as you look for help.  You deserve to feel better!   Warmly, Debbie

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