Re: Adhesions and Ileostomy?

From: Joy (
Wed Oct 11 22:08:30 2006

I had a total colectomy with a J-pouch in 1991 when I was 3 years old. After a lot of problems, when my body finally adjusted to everything, I went at least 10 years without any real problems (I think this is because I had it done at such an early age). However, a year ago I started having problems and no one could figure out what was wrong with me...I had 2 surgeries within 2 months...after the 1st my GI doctor/surgeon figured out it was adhesions and after the surgery he officially told me I have adhesion disease. The 2nd surgery helped a lot and I did well for almost a year. But just a year later I am having problems again with my adhesions. All that to say, yes, it is very possible to have adhesions already, especially if you have what my doctor calls "adhesion disease."

Just curious, I have some questions unrelated to adhesions but about intestinal stuff. What did you have a colectomy for? I was diagnosed with F.A.P. After both of my surgeries last year, which were supposed to be simple laproscopic surgeries, I got an ileus. Have you experienced this? We think that my body just doesn't react well to all the anesthesia & the fact that my lonely intestine just can't take it. I'm just curious if others have this problem because, for me, the ileus after is the absolute worst part of surgery.

At Fri, 6 Oct 2006, Daniel Kuntz wrote: >
>In 1984 I had a total colectomy with a J-Pouch, but by 1999, I had so
>many problems with pouchitis, strictures and fissures, that I finally
>decided to have an ileostomy. When I had the surgery, it took two extra
>hours because of all the adhesions that had grown there. Now, seven
>years later, I had my gall bladder out and ever since have had a great
>deal of abdominal pain. I don't know if its possible to already have
>adhesions that cause pain, but my GI guy is sending me to a surgeon to
>check it out. Is it possible to have adhesions already? Thanks!

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