Left side Pain. Going to have a lap done again

From: Polly (atr@moose-mail.com)
Tue Sep 12 23:37:44 2006

Hello, I had my ovary out in 04. I didn't have much problems with pain til about eight months ago. I had kidney stones ect but know what that pain is most of the time. Now, the pain is on my entire left side and it gets worse when I do activity. Walk ect. In about a week I am having a lap done to see what is going on. Don't think that the doctor really is sure but my GP said it could be scar tissue. I have had this pain off and on for yrs now but it has gotten much worse so I hope they find what is going on. I am IBS C too. I used to take Zelnorm but got off of it by my GI doctor I had seen one time. Any suggestions. Thank you.

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