Adhesions possible ??? In alot of pain

From: Polly (
Tue Sep 12 23:35:59 2006

Hi, I have had a pain in my Lower left side for a long time but lately it is alot different. I do have IBS C but this is really not the same thing. I had my left ovary out in 2004 due to a tumor. I have had kidney stones on that side ,too, so I had thought alot of my pain was that but recently I thought I had a stone and I didn't. I rarely am wrong if I have a stone. Lately, I have been very painful and sharp,stabbing achy pain. I have had a colonscopy a few yrs back. Nothing. Upper and Lower GI nothing. My GP suggested scar tissue. This is a new doctor for me.

I went to the Gyn and he did find a cyst on my right ovary but it is gone now.

The pain keeps coming back so he is going to do a lap on the 18th. I am hoping to find the cause of this pain. It is so frustrating and my husband is sick of tests and they don't find anything. Any suggestions. Thank you.

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