Re: Frustrated

From: Jennifer Bayles (
Tue Sep 12 23:38:11 2006

It's sad that this sort of thing has to happen to us - particularly with an invisible disease. I know it sounds like a broken record, but if you have a pain management doc, they can ease your way into the ER when a pain crisis hits and the nasty comments and dirty looks and flagged charts should stop. Even a family practice doc who is familiar with your case should be able to help with ER admitting in an emergency. The key is to build a good relationship with a physician so they understand that when a crisis hits, they aren't just being scammed so someone can get a buzz. Sorry to say, it happens all too often and people like us end up paying the price.

At Mon, 4 Sep 2006, Deidre wrote: >
>I went to the ER on Thursday because I was in tremendous pain and
>apparently had a ton of stool backed up in me (I know its a gross
>discription) and the nurse told me that my chart was flagged because I
>come in so often to receive pain medications. I was so angry! I told
>the nurse "Find me a surgeon to get rid of these adhesions and I wont be
>in the ER every 4-6 weeks!" I hate this disease, I am at the end of my

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