Re: The Helica can remove Endo without causing adhesions.

From: teresa (
Tue Sep 12 23:35:37 2006

My interest is whether this treatment would also work for adhesions? I have adhesion disease along with endo and the more work they do on me the more adhesions I get. Im 51 white woman with hyst and lots of hernias and adhesions and now seems endo is back?

At Wed, 15 May 2002, Kath Findlay wrote: >
>Dear Friends, I sent you information on the Helica TC when it was first
>introduced in the UK. It is now going to be marketed in the US so I
>thought I would send you the latest update to let you know. If anyone
>is interested let me know and I can send you more information.
> In Friendship Kath Findlay
> The UK Adhesion Society
> <>
>News update on the Helica TC The Helica TC can remove Endo without
>causing adhesions.

>Endometriosis is a disease affecting 10% of all women. Early diagnosis

>is essential for treatment of this disease as long-term damage can
>result in severe pain and infertility.
>1. The Endometriosis Congress held in London in May 2000 was attended by
>delegates from all over the world. Helica exhibited the Helica TC and
>generated huge interest. The general consensus for treatment appears to
>be early referral for suspected endometriosis cases. This enables a
>consultant to decide on a course of action, before the condition
>2. Helica have installed a unit in Florida at the North Florida Women's
>Centre in Gainsville. Following installation the unit was swiftly
>featured on American television. A US distribution deal for the Helica
>TC is currently in negotiation.
>3. The first operation in Italy was carried out in January 2001 and a
>unit should be installed there in the near future.
>4. Helica launch General Practioner advice for people who believe they
>may have Endiometriosis. Print this off and take it to your GP and
>email <> Helica with
>your postcode so we can advise you of your nearest treatment centre. All
>communications dealt with in the strictest confidence
>5. Helica have had an instrument at Pinderfields Hospital, Yorkshire for
>some time. The consultant, Mr Macrow, observed that women treated for
>endometriosis using the Helica TC had a higher incidence of pregnancy
>than normal. After the completion of a study which was retrospective,
>the results were encouraging and a multi-centre study is now being
>carried out on 60 women: 20 - treated with the Helica, 20 - treated with
>diathermy, 20 - controls. This should prove an interesting addition to a
>study carried out in Canada which concluded that surgical treatment was
>more effective than pharmaceutical treatment in endometriosis cases
>where fertility was an issue.
>6. Dr. Paul Dewart's study into Stage I & II Endometriosis Treatment
>with the Helica T.C. has just been published. More studies are available
>in our Research & Trials page.
>7. We recently attended the World Congress on Endometriosis held in San
>Diego. This was a very successful meeting where the Helica TC was very
>well received by doctors throughout the world and particularly in the
>United States.
>Our distributor network in the USA is now in progress and we will soon
>be creating a US website.
>Last update 5th April 2002

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