Re: Adhesion specialist in Boston or Providence

Mon Sep 4 17:37:46 2006

I had the best relief and able to control the amount of pain med by using the Actiq suckers. I always got the 600 mcg ones and sometimes only needed to use 1/2 a sucker. But, when I needed it, I was at least able to use the whole thing. After using it for a few weeks, I no longer felt groggy and could carry on my day like some semblance of normal. They are very habit forming and you'll have to go through withdrawals if you need to use them for very long, but the alternative is to have your life controlled by pain. Personally, I don't see a benefit in having the pain. Rebecca

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> Hello all,
> I hope that you're all having a pain free day - even though I know
> that's basically unheard of. My adhesions have been unbearable for the
> past > month. I've had them for approx. 15 years

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