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Sat Aug 26 15:39:09 2006

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>Hello... >Shortly after knee replacement surgery, my wife developed a case
of adhesions which started to place limits on her physical therapy regimen.

David - My husband had a shoulder replacement due to shattering from a bicycle accident. His shoulder was almost frozen and any physical therapy did not help. His original surgeon had NO answers for us. So we went to another doctor at another hospital --- the best hospital for injuries (The Hospital for Special Therapy in New York City) and the surgeon who specializes in shoulder replacement told him the adhesions were locking his shoulder movement. (People come from all over the world to this hospital! The doctor he used treats the Giants Football team for whatever that is worth.)

My husband ended up having a second surgery to clear the adhesions (laproscopic -- took around 30 minutes) and now, several years later his shoulder is almost normal with minimal limitations which can be expected for this type of injury). Morale to the story for all of us regardless of the type of physical problem: If your doctor isn't helping, never give up --- get another one with the best reputation and affiliated with the best hospital. To find out the best, research the internet, library --- and if you need help with this, call a professional librarian and ask for assistance!

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