Abnormal Liver enzymes test again

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Sat Aug 26 15:36:56 2006

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Hi Christine,  My name is Kim. I haven't had my gallbladder removed but I've had about 14 surgeries for endometrosis and lots of adhesions including a full hysterectomy,an appendectomy, and surgery to implant a pain pump[had to remove cause of a infection]. I found out about my liver enzymes being eleveated when my older sister was told she had Liver disease and Hepatitis C. So my doctor checked my levels when they were elevated then sent me to a liver specialist I don't have Hep C/A/or B but they did find that my liver was enlarged so I had a liver biopsy it showed a fatty/inflammed liver and liver disease. Doctor told me it was called NASH, Non-alcohlic Steohepatitis, there is not much information on it but you can check on http://www.liverfoundation.org  for more info about different things that cause abnormal tests. I still beleive that some adhesions in that area cause some of the liver pain but the liver doc says its unlikely too. I  also have other health issues like; endo[even after hysterectomy], IC[interstitial cystitis],thyroid problems, just to name a few...Please let me know how your doing.....Good Luck, Kim[dark1grey2@hotmail.com]  ________________________________________ From:  jeannec1@optonline.net ________________________________________ Reply-To:  adhesions@adhesions.org To:  Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS <adhesions@dns.obgyn.net> Subject:   Re: Abnormal Liver enzymes test again Date:  Wed, 23 Aug 2006 23:17:37 -0500 >
>Hi Christine,  In 1989 I had my gallbladder removed and experienced pain
and elevated liver enzymes afterwards. After many tests and a lot of pain, they found out that I had "Spinchter of Oddi Disfunction" The spincter of oddi is at the end of the common bile duct which leads from the gallbladder into the intestines. With all the gallstones that passed over the years, the spincter became hard. It is supposed to be like rubber,and open when a person eats and needs bile to help digest food. When it is hard it does not open and therefore the bile builds up, and causes pain and elevated liver enzymes. This problem is correctable.

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