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It seems that we all get sent to a Gastro at one time or another.  All they can do is check for problems with the stomach, intestines etc..They can't see the adhesions so they won't say they that's what they think it is.  A lot of us with adhesion disease get told we have IBS when they don't know what to tell us. I have found a few good laxatives but they seem to work temporarily or they are too painful.  At this time, I am on a product that I saw on a infomercial on TV.  It is called Colon Clear Formula by Cellular Research Formulas. You take it for a month and it cleans everything out.  So far it has been good and not painful. If you can keep from getting constipated, the pain is not as bad. Have your dr. refer you to pain management. Km

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Hi I had my surgery in April and everything was fine. They ended up having to take my left overy out because of the adhesions my overy eas very damaged. So I was fine for a few weeks after all of that but low and be hold

the pain started all over again, and more painfull than ever.... My Dr. refered me to a GI Dr. and her I am. He is saying I have IBS. But its weird,

the only time I start having the pain is 2 or3 days befor I start. Every once in awhile it will wake me up in the middle of the night like it use to.

But the pain it still very,very BAD... So im drinking this stuff everyday called GlycoLax. Its a powder laxitive I dont think it work to good It is still hard for me to use the bathroom all of the time. They also took a xray

of my stomach and i havent heard anything back. Im still in pain. Does anyone have any suggestions??? PLEASE anything would help.

   Thank You, Ramie W

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