Re: bowel obstruction and fiber in diet

From: Margaret (
Mon Aug 7 21:53:17 2006

Here is what NIH says: "For people whose intestines are only partially blocked, a diet low in fiber, called a low-residue diet, allows food to move more easily through the affected area" Have you talked to a dietician since your surgery? I've been on elemental forumla (completely predigested, makes no stool to speak of)and have now progressed to full liquid as per doctors and dietician's orders. So far, no surgery yet (knock on wood) You may wish to ask your doctor for a dietician referal to get the whole fiber issue cleared up. Diet needs vary depending on location of blockage, patient tolerance etc.


"Patients who have had a bowel obstruction or have >undergone bowel surgery (for example, a colostomy) should not eat a >high-fiber diet." What?!!!? They didn't bother expounding on this. (By >the way, if you copy and paste that quote, it will come up in many >different sources, so I don't know where it originated). I really don't >know what to think, and I'm very discouraged now. Can anyone offer me >some guidance here? Is there a source that can speak clearly on this >point? >

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