Zelnorm Episode has me scared

From: Natalie (highroad@gwi.net)
Fri Jun 30 22:53:41 2006

Okay, I finally went back to the Gastro as I am getting really tired of restricitng my diet and eating 10-12 stool softeners a day.

Brief history: 20 years of bowel problems, endometriosis (coincinding with the bowel problems), multiple surgeries, adhesions, you all know the story.

Had a CAT scan on 6/19/06 which showed mildly prominent small bowel loops but no overt obstruction so MD deemed Zelnorm safe to try.

I have been taking it since Monday and being REAL careful with my diet, especially since I stopped the stool softener. First day was rough with severe headache and diahrea which has improved.

Last night I had about 45 minuts of fairly intense pain...a real burning, gnawing pain that I've had in the past in my lower mid abdominal area with mild nausea. Pain radiates to my back and left side. I have had it many times in the past but have managed to avoid it with careful diet and stool softeners and taking Femara for endo symptom control. It is always much worse when I am lying down and eating seems to be the trigger. Lots of tossing and turning and could not lay on my abdomen at all.

Needless to say I am going to stop the Zelnorm until I talk with my MD. I feel like we are missing something here and I have never felt that irritable bowel is the problem. Given the size and shape of my stools, the sense of pressure (like a square peg trying to fit the a round hole) it feels like "something" is keeping food/stool from passing. But my MD says my CAT scan is "normal".

Just frustrated and don't know what to do next. Am I overreacting here???

I am so tired of vague answers, inconclusive tests, being told one thing and then something else and finding out years later that my instincts were the right ones to begin with.

Thanks for letting me vent.


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