Surgery In August

From: sdh (
Fri Jun 30 22:49:21 2006

Hi Everyone- I am having my fifth surgery in August to remove colon adhesions, and I am a little concerned about the procedure to remove them. I have had four operations in the past two years to remove adhesions, (one of them being a hysterectomy)and all of the operations were laparoscopies. Since having the hysterectomy and having my condition worsen, I went to doctor after doctor to get their opinions on adhesiolysis. The general consensus from all of these doctors was that they felt that the only way to really remove adhesions and see all of them was to perform a laparotomy, which is a completely open surgery.

The doctor that I am seeing now, and having surgery with in August feels that he can get rid of all of the adhesions laparoscopically. He has a wonderful reputation, and has a lot of experience with adhesion patients, so I have a lot of confidence in him, but I am starting to wonder if maybe I should have a laparotomy instead of a laparoscopy because of all of the other opinions I got. Have any of you gotten longterm relief from adhesion removal laparoscopically? I would hate to have another operation only to get them back again and wind up having the open surgery anyway. Please let me know if you've gotten any relief from the laparoscopy or the laparotomy. Thanks!


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