gall Bladder Removal

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Tue Jun 27 20:15:16 2006

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Hello - I never heard of this but I did have my gallbladder removed by laparascopic surgery.  This was before any knowledge of my adhesions and the dr. ended up puncturing my liver with the laser during the surgery.  I don't know if my adhesions were or were not the cause of this error.  Good lick to you, Diena

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Hi! I just learned that my gallbladder must be removed. A friend of mine who also suffers from adhesions told me I cannot have it removed laparascopically. She said that not only she but another friend of hers with adhesions had to have a full fledged surgery because of the adhesions. This of course only caused more adhesions.

Anyone else know anything about this?

Thanks, Sara in Denton

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