Question About Obstructions

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I think That I have had many (partial?) obstructions over the years since I was about 12.  I am 29 and infertile from Adhesions.  Still trying to get pregnant for about 10 years.  I had Adhesion removal surgery and a Tubal reconstruction January 2003, ever since then I have been much better.  My "IBS" still acts up on me from time to time.  I would wake up in the middle of the night, some times throughout the day, I would get Sharp pains through my abdomen and I would feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but it would take hours to clear,  I would want to sit on the toilet 'cause I would get up go back to bed and  15 min later have to go right back wheather I did anything or not. and finnaly i would pass the "hard" part and have Massive Diareha.  Then I wouldn't have another "episode" for a few days or weeks.  I don't know if it had anything to do with the adhesions or not but since my surgery I it has been better, not great just better.

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Hi Everyone, How is everyone doing? Ok, maybe someone can answer me. Both of my doctors- the family physician and the Gastro doctor both seem to disagree on obstructions.

I have adhesions, and back in July of 1998 is when I had my 1st Bowel Obstruction, so I know what it feels like. Everyday lately, I keep having attacks of pain that seems like what it does with an obstructions about 1-1 1/2 hours after eating anything. The pain seems to increase and decrease in like a wave like pattern- gets really bad for a minutes then backs off a bit, then worse and so on... Plus I also start getting nausea, distended belly, and even diharrea sometimes too.

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